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Fly Racing

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  • Researched market trends through WGSN and multiple power sports websites

  • based on trend reports developed mood boards

  • Multiple iterations

  • Final design development 

Fly racing > Pro-motion > Mood board

Target Age : 18-20 yrs

Every amateur wants to get promoted and make an impression amongst it peers. As they make a name for them selves they require their gear to reflect their hunger for success. this concept is built of clean definitive line along certain amount of chaos to showcase their thought process of doing everything at the same point of time.

Fly racing > Activated Dreams > Mood board

Target Age : 25-35 yrs

Concept is derived from the ambitions and passion which the consumer has for the sport. Gears which they wear are reflection of them . Activated Dreams is symbolises how consumer’s journey has passed through multiple twist and turns. Based out of the learnings from their past they have evolved into more calm and compose personality. Designs developed are subtle and dark same as our dreams.