After journeying half a decade in the world of fashion business I have forged a path which has also been a remarkable learning curve for me. I aspire to keep the same spirit for my future endeavours. During my course of work I have encountered challenges and have gone above and beyond to accomplish them. Those experiences have kept me growing as a professional. Tough situations have taught me the art of organisation and multitasking which aid my decision making and design thinking.

Versatile Technical apparel designer with extensive experience in custom activewear clothing creation and manufacturing. Exceptional collaborative and interpretive skills; dynamic team player with an in-depth understanding of dye-sublimation and Direct to Garment printing processes. Accustomed to performing in a deadline-driven environment with an emphasis on working within the brand’s guidelines.

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If I were to be reincarnated as a student
I would like to born as Bhavik.
— Mark Andrew Sunderland
Director-BS Textile Material Technology
Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)
Day or Night. He is unstoppable
How I describe Bhavik. He is systematic, Follows timeline & always tries to add something .. New ...to that Design!!! He is always ready to learn & Manages a good PR with everyone. Last but not the least He a True Team Player
— Sanjay Singh Gurjar
CEO & Founder
FIELDGEAR (Dangus RM India Company)